Philosophy & technology

The birth of the Aldo Coppola brand took place in 1966, when a young innovative stylist Aldo Coppola opened the first hairdressing salon in the heart of Milan, on Via Manzoni. Aldo began his career at the age of 12, working in his father’s hairdresser. At the age of 15, Aldo Coppola graduated from the Art Academy and won the Italian championship in women’s hairstyles. Any experience, any person, any new work became a source of inspiration and inspiration for the maestro. A unique approach to the creation of haircuts and styling, huge creative potential, and unique charisma brought Aldo Coppola worldwide fame and the brand itself the most authoritative status in the fashion and beauty industry. Long-term cooperation with leading designers: Valentino, Armani, Ferre, Missoni, and Versace has secured the status of a leader in the field of hairdressing. Over time, Aldo Coppola beauty centers appeared in the leading capitals of the world: Rome, Milan, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, London, Moscow.

The first beauty center Aldo Coppola in Monaco appeared in 1997 at the Montecarlo sea baths, I started with great success and in 2000 there was the inauguration in the Carre d’Or in Monaco on Avenue de Grande Bretagne, in 2017 we inaugurated the last salon in the center of Monaco on Avenue Saint Michel, two minutes from the Casino.

Brand Philosophy

The idea of natural, natural beauty at one time inspired Aldo Coppola to create a new philosophy, which later became a real revolution in the world of hairdressing. Each client of Aldo Coppola is uniquely beautiful, impeccably groomed, but at the same time, she looks like she did not make much effort to do this. “I wanted the woman not to think about her styling at all and look excellent in any situation. And in the end, the fashion world still accepted my ideas, “the maestro said. In the Monaco centers of the Italian master, the phrase “beauty requires sacrifices” is irrelevant: only natural remedies are used for hair care and coloring in all centers. Even the most difficult coloring, according to Aldo Coppola, should bring hair not harm, but benefit.

Customers of Aldo Coppola beauty centers do not have to sacrifice their time as well: a team of professional multilingual masters offers their guests complex express treatments that allow them to perform up to 5 procedures at the same time.

The best of the best

The talent of the maestro to be the best of the best was successfully adopted by the leading master of the Russian team Aldo Coppola. Many years of experience in working together with the most famous fashion photographers, outstanding fashion designers, and the best fashion magazines have secured a worthy reputation for Aldo Coppola specialists in the fashion world. Thanks to the constant improvement of the professional skills of our masters, who regularly improve their skills in Milan, we always manage to stay at the peak of fashion trends and the latest technologies. The concept of uniqueness and originality, characteristic of the philosophy of Aldo Coppola, is also reflected in well-thought-out spatial solutions and a creative atmosphere. Cooperation with some of the most famous designers of our time – Karim Rashid and Philippe Stark – allowed us to create bright, memorable interiors in Monaco Beauty Centers that correspond to the spirit of the company.

Exclusive techniques

The highest level of service, a special atmosphere, the best masters, and a constantly updated range of procedures do not cease to pleasantly surprise both regular and new customers. The choice of services offered at Aldo Coppola is constantly expanding through the use of the latest exclusive developments, both in the field of hairdressing and in the field of cosmetology. Hardware techniques of the latest generation, ancient oriental practices, unique author’s programs, the presence of VIP rooms for serving guests, taking into account their individual wishes – all presented programs meet the high requirements of the most demanding customers.

Academy of Aesthetics and Style

Invaluable experience gained during his professional career, maestro Aldo Coppola always sought to pass on to the masters of his Beauty Centers. The origin of Aldo Coppola’s greatness lies in his creativity and passion: the importance of making a woman feel herself, respecting the natural characteristics and her being, and making her contemporary and unique.

In the course of his personal growth he understood that to always obtain modern and avant-garde results, in addition to talent, he needed to follow the rules; hence the creation of the technique.

With the passage of time and thanks to the help of his collaborators, he managed to develop the Aldo Coppola working method, constantly evolving but always faithful to the origin of his research.

The wisdom contained in the technique was the secret to his success. Responding to the desire to transmit his precious knowledge, he began to spread his knowledge. From here, thanks to the work of attentive collaborators, the idea of giving life to the Aldo Coppola Academy was born.